As the recognized repository of all information on Guyana’s mineral resources   with increased electronic access to  all information, to deliver a high level of quality service to miners,  investors, relevant stakeholders and the general public, while giving high regard to employees welfare and development.

Mission Statement

To provide effective stewardship of our mineral resources by ensuring increased opportunities for mineral resources development (exploration, documentation and extraction) and to promote and support increased investment in the mining and mining related sectors. 

Our Goals

1.       Support the exploration, documentation and extraction of our mineral resources but at the same time protect the rights, provide equal and fair access for all entities and ensure that the charges (fees, royalties, etc.) are fair.


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Who We Are

The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) was created in 1979 from the Department of Geological Surveys and Mines which itself was the successor to the Geological Survey of British Guiana. Currently GGMC is divided into the following technical divisions: Geological Services, Mines, Environment, Petroleum, Land Management

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